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Hottest Trends and Latest News in Energy Healing Take a Journey through Sound and Color Vibration. Discover how energetic frequencies change your vibrations to a positive flow to attract abundance in all good things in life. It is my mission to share the latest news in alternative medicine and how energetically we can alter our bodies to flow naturally in sync with our world and its power to focus the energy surrounding us into a positive vibe. We are all connected to the Universe energetically and we are now beginning to understand just how profound this concept is on an energetic scale. Join me on my journey through the study and exploration of energy and how its secrets are being revealed. We are now learning what the mystics and shamans have known for thousands of years. Hallelujah

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Sunday Jan 30, 2022

Healing the luminous energy body! This biomagnetic field doesn’t end where your skin ends, it extends to the farthest reaches of the universe. Everything is Connected by Energy and healed by it too. Science is proving energetic frequency to be important. Be consciously connected to the flow and experience positive shifts in your body and life! See


Improving Your Life! 

Discover how using energetic frequencies from music or vibration can change your vibe to a positive flow--Be in the flow to attract true abundance in All Good Things 

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